Little on the Court

After a year of praying for Little and watching her have NO ENERGY, she is now playing basketball. This is the first year her middle school is doing Unified Basketball – a program  that partners with Special Olympics for sporting opportunities in schools. Teams are made up of 50% kids with disabilities/ASD and 50% typical classmates. (Little’s team is more of a 30/70 split because of all the “typical kids” who wanted to participate!)

To see her run up and down the court is overwhelming.
To hear her classmates cheering for her is moving.

When you watch the video make sure you hear her thank the ref for handing her the ball! And watch the gentleman behind her in the red shirt when she scores. That is one of the Assistant Principals. Watching him brought me to tears.


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9 Responses to Little on the Court

  1. Tears are flowing in Chesterfield too. Wow. Praise the Lord!

  2. this is wonderful! and so exciting!

  3. Barbara Botts says:

    What a mighty God we serve! Who would have thunk it? To God be the glory! Joyful tears of praise knowing how far she has come. LOVE to all the Kicklighters!

  4. Janet Deidrick says:

    So happy for you all! Thanks be to to God!!!

  5. Tammy Moore says:

    Well I’ve had my morning cry! 😭🙌🏼

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  6. clairemoon23 says:

    THAT is freaking crazy pants good!!!!! Amazing. Tears and I’m having a hard Typing I can’t see!

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  7. Pamela Benton says:

    That is THE greatest. Oh, Becky, that makes my heart sing!!!

  8. Adelaide says:

    Fabulous program for the school to sponsor. So thankful is see the love and acceptance from the other students. GO LITTLE!!

  9. Julia Simpson says:

    oh my tears and a lump in my throat!! How endearing.


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