Heart Transplant and Etsy

IMG_2267We have this sign on the door of our apartment and I like the idea of it but don’t like how big it is. My southern roots come out strong in a few places: the urge to ask anyone who walks into my house if they would like something to drink, the constant use of “Bless her heart”, and hangin’ wreaths, pumpkins, or my monogram on my front door. This sign would seriously wreath-block me and I am not willing to sacrifice my seasonal spheres of joy. All of that to say, I went onto Etsy today to look and see what types of signage have been compiled by crafters worldwide. I decided to search broadly under the term “heart transplant” and I was shocked at some of the items that popped up.  They range from ridiculous to inappropriate with a “not so bad” thrown in. I have chosen several to include here so that I can know I didn’t imagine them.

  1. Solid Chocolate heart lollipops
  2. A CUSTOMIZABLE anatomical heart brooch
  3. A Pillow
  4. Soap!
  5. A Santa Heart pin
  6. A heart bath bomb
  7. Zipper broken-heart earrings
  8. “Saved by Jesus and an organ donor” T-shirt – NO!!
  9. Cookie Cutter
  10. “All I got was this stupid t-shirt” T-shirt – NO!!!!


There were a couple of things I actually thought were clever:

  1. Cupcake toppers
  2. “Black Diamond pave’ Rose Gold Heartbeat Ring”
  3. Cute idea with the penny
  4. Small pin
  5. Laser-cut paper art.  Beautiful. If I still scrapbooked with paper I would put this on a page.


Then there was this:

Blown Glass heart in a jar $400

That’s a blown-glass “heart in a jar”.  I think it’s a a little amazing.  It’s also $400.

To answer the question that I am sure is on all of your minds, NO, I did not find a sign for our home. There were magnets … but our door is wood.  Looks like I have been given the opportunity to create  and create I shall. And it will be tasteful, respectful, and tied with a big Southerner approved bow!

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4 Responses to Heart Transplant and Etsy

  1. mheintz2013 says:

    Why not put that sign in a wreath?


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  2. Debbie Ertel says:

    Wow! Who knew??? I can imagine whatever you come up with will be a ton more clever and cuter, too. I do love that paper heart, though.

  3. Ann Louise Schmitt says:



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