Waiting – Week Two – Stable

Our Week
It was a good week here – the Lord, in His kindness, peppered our busy schedule with times of rest and relationship. Little got a good report at the clinic on Wednesday and we have spent every day since then trying to balance her diuretics so that she isn’t retaining fluid but isn’t losing too much weight. It’s been a low-key heart week.

I started a study of James this week with a couple of friends. We did an overview of the  book this week and I found great satisfaction in the theme: my Faith in the one true God requires that I live differently. I have peace because I know I am incapable of these works on my own but He enables me to do life in a way pleasing to Him. And there is joy because His blood covers me when I fail. I am really excited about looking at this book in-depth for the first time since college.

We ended the week at the movies. “Our” Orthodontist had a customer appreciation event and treated us all to The Incredibles, popcorn, and soda! We had a lovely time together but I was a bit disappointed with the movie itself. When I attend a Pixar film I expect good fun for the whole family; I didn’t even read up on this one because I made assumptions based on past experience. Well, the intensity of this film was dialed up to eleven (KB hid her eyes more than once), they cursed twice, and took God’s name in vain twice. So, being together as a family = wonderful. The movie = not as Incredible as I’d hoped.

It has taken me several hours to write this because life keeps happening as I type.  Little’s face was all puffy and she was complaining of stomach aches and nausea – these are all bad symptoms and set us all on edge. A little medicine and things have settled back down – I am praying that a good night of sleep tonight will set her up for another good week this week.

Which reminds me … we were given permission to restart Little on her sleep meds at our clinic appointment on Wednesday!!! I squealed with excitement! They started her on a much smaller dose but it has proven to be very effective and she slept until 7:00 AM on Friday! We are so thankful for all who prayed with us for increased sleep.

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3 Responses to Waiting – Week Two – Stable

  1. doug says:

    Great is thy Faithfulness

  2. Mary Anne Turnbull says:

    Briarwood is praying…we are trying to keep her before the Throne of Grace! Thanks for updating. Your mom told us last night about the sleep improvement and we know that is huge. Blessings to you all. Love you.

  3. ELIZABETH says:

    Thankful for sleep improvement………… Pop corn from orthodontist?! WEIRD…


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