Spoke Too Soon

IMG_1274Don’t know if anyone remembers the last two lines I typed here … I’ll remind you, “I am looking forward to 7 days in my planner with no doctors! Maybe we’ll do something fun that I can write about here.” That was Thursday. You might be wondering, “Are you having fun yet?” No. No we are not.

Jeremy works 4/10s and so he is off on Fridays.  Friday has become our date day and we usually try to go out for breakfast or lunch; when there is a movie we want to see we often try to do that. I had gone out on a limb and bought tickets for a movie last week .. I mean we had JUST seen the doctor so we were in the clear, right? Hardly.

As we arrived at the cinema the doctor called left a message asking how Little was doing.  I called back and left a message saying all was well and headed in to the theatre. We made it through the previews before a call came in from Little’s teacher. It turns out she and Lily had been sitting and talking on the swings and Little suddenly fell backward off the swing. She got up saying, “That was weird. I feel a bit dizzy.”

I called the doctor.
We got our money back for the movie.
We picked Little up from school.
We packed our bags and headed back to Denver per the doctors’ orders.
Seven days became two.

This has been the most frustrating visit because of the sheer lack of information/understanding. Weekends at the hospital are so different anyway but we were here for 24 hours before Little even showed another symptom! They had started her on a new medication and four hours after she took it her heart rate dropped and she got sick; nurses came running from everywhere. She stabled out and then at 1AM had another episode. They changed her dosing and she didn’t have another visible symptom until Sunday night!

I just watched five doctors sit in a circle for 30 min at the desks outside our room. Turns out we’re going to be here several more days. They are going to continue to adjust medications for the next two days and watch to see if they can find a sweet spot that way. If the changes work, we could go home Wednesday!! If this medication won’t work then the next step will be to add a second lead to her pacemaker and that is surgery and who knows what the timeline will look like.

We have two more weeks of school here and then things change dramatically in regard to my ability to be here with Little. We covet the prayers of our Church family.

Please pray:
– For healing of Little’s heart. Wouldn’t that create waves here?
If He chooses not to heal her:
– Medications would work to solve the issues with Little’s heart rate.
– Doctors would know when the time is right to go ahead with a second lead.
– Wisdom for us with how to parent during this time.
– Mercy and grace for Jeremy as he balances home/work without me there.
– Bubba and KB to have understanding of what is happening, patience with
the changes, flexibility.
– My mamma’s heart.
– For Jeremy and I to have faith and to trust our maker.

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3 Responses to Spoke Too Soon

  1. Doug says:

    LO ,I am with thee alway,even to the end of the earth—

  2. I am praying…thanks for the specifics….

  3. Jo says:

    Praying and crying and hoping. Love and hugs.


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