Catching You Up. . .


  1. That job I wrote about last time? I don’t have that job anymore. It became obvious VERY quickly that they should not have hired me; I am NOT meant for working in the health arena. They had a couple of kids who were really sick (unmanaged diabetes) and the anxiety was extreme. I asked if they would please hire someone else and gave two  weeks notice.

2. Jamberry has expanded to Australia and it has been something else. Several of the girls I used to meet with have joined the company and we are working together. It’s a different kind of laboring but it is so great to talk with them each day and hear snippets about their lives. It has made me miss them and the country I fell so in love with like crazy.

I continue to love this aspect of my life and laugh that the Lord would choose to use fingernails to minister to me and allow me to minister to others. He never ceases to amaze.

3. Several people dear to me have died in the past few weeks. A man from my home church who invested in me and my family for YEARS. He was a supporter while I was in college ministry, an usher in our wedding, and a dear family friend. A friend in St. Louis’s husband died suddenly; I lost my breath when I read about it. My mother-in-law’s mother died last week. A guy i knew from singles group died this week. I can’t bring myself to write a sympathy note to anyone. I continue to grapple with my heart on all this – death, I mean.



My baby turned eight this weekend – I can hardly believe it. We went to a local corn maze to celebrate and I was told it was “the best birthday ever” at bedtime.



Best line of the day was when the kids all started swinging and Honey walked over looking shocked. He said, “No one needs our help. They are all swinging by themselves.”  Milestone.


Everyone rode the pedal cars and the men did corn chucking.


Then there was pizza, there were presents and there was cake. It was a good day.


I am such a softy – I never thought I would be so emotional about things like my kids’ birthdays, and yet here I am all teary. She is growing up so fast. . .

Duck - 1 week

Duck – 1 week


Duck – 8 yrs.

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2 Responses to Catching You Up. . .

  1. Kathy Cheely says:

    Oh you made my day. . .no, you made my week, aw, let’s do it up big, you made my month. I love reading about the family and seeing such great pictures that aren’t on Facebook. Tell KB I loved the shirt with the combed hair look!! Beautiful girl.

  2. Debbie says:

    KB is such a cutie and it looks like she did thoroughly enjoy her birthday! I loved hearing about your Jamberry, too. How fun to have so many connections in Australia!


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