Movie Review – The Intern


The kids went to Respite Care today and honey took me to see The Intern. Let me warn you, the previews are killers; so many tears shed it was ridiculous. That said, let me tell you that the movie was phenomenal; tears were shed once again but not nearly as many.

For my brothers benefit I will tell you that it was a good four part story! There was conflict, sacrifice, redemption – a good story. For my mother’s benefit I will tell you that there was one use of the “F-word”. For everyone’s benefit I will quote my husband at the end of the film, “That is the best movie I have seen in years . . . and that’s including The Dark Knight Rises.” (If you know my husband, you are probably reaching for your phone and the Fandango app, already purchasing tickets of your own.)

Nancy Meyers tends to write/direct films that depicts the seniors of the world in an honoring way. Her writing is honest and gives dignity to those that many in our culture patronize; The Intern is a prime example.

Deniro [Ben] did a great job being a “good man” – a gentleman with integrity, wisdom, and grace.  The patience his character demonstrates is respectable, his work ethic worth emulating, and his word choice is on point. The character values people and pushes them toward excellence – it is beautiful to watch.

Anne Hathaway [Jules] is adorable and wonderful and her character is loveable, brilliant, and strong. Her standards are high, her needs are real, her struggles believable and her choices respectable. The character is written so honestly – it is refreshing and gripping. Really, when was the last time you saw characters facing issues that weren’t dealt with quickly and with snippy jokes? This movie shows true growth in the characters and there is a great balance between spelling it out for you and asking you to think.

Honey summed up his thoughts with this comment, “If you are a woman in Jules’ position you should watch this movie and LEARN FROM HER. If you are a man in Ben’s place in like you should watch this movie and LEARN FROM HIM.” I think everyone can walk away from this with something learned and that is saying something when the film is main stream and not produced by a Kendrick or Pure Flix.

Viewers will laugh and cry might just want to see it a second time. People who liked Pitch Perfect will enjoy seeing Adam Devine in a completely different role and folks who know Anders Holm’s quirky characters on The Mindy Project and Workaholics will enjoy seeing him playing off type as well.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I liked the movie and think you will too. Ebert would have given it two thumbs up. I can’t wait to hear The One-Minute Review about it. Let me know what you think after you see it.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I am going to have to go!


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