Heard around the Hutch

*Told the kids that they were going to do swimming lessons this summer and they started to give testimony to what they were good at already when it came to swimming. Bubba went to his old faithful story of jumping off the high dive once at Variety camp. Little told how she can put her head under water. KB chimed in with, “If the teacher asks me to drown, I would be good at that!!”

*After one of the previously mentioned swimming lessons, KB ran over to me and said as seriously and earnestly as possible, “Mom, it IS possible to talk under water even if you aren’t a mermaid. . . you just might get lots of water in your mouth.”

*Little has taken to saying phrases like, “Done and Done!” or “I’ll get right on that!” when we give her something to do.

*We watched a movie tonight called “Grace Stirs Up Success” – it’s the latest American Girl movie. Tonight you would have heard me say, “I liked that movie!! The little girl admitted she was wrong, the adults gave solid advice, and the little girl LEARNED from the adults. That never happens anymore.”  It really was a good little movie. If you have little girls they will love it and you can rest easy about it.

*Teen Beach 2 soundtrack

*Kids saying, “I’M BORED” Me referring them to our new artwork: BORED-Free-Printable-8x10


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1 Response to Heard around the Hutch

  1. Anna says:

    I love your kids!
    And I’m totally using your artwork with my 15 year old!!


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