List of 50 Lists

I’m a list maker . . . there is no denying it. I was NOT ready for the New Year until I had the chance to sit down and make a list for each family member . . . list of verses to pray, list of goals for them, etc. Sometimes I feel it’s a sickness . . . but it makes me so happy!!

One of the books on my reading list for 2015 istodolistcover1The tagline is what drew me in. . . “what our lists reveal about us”.  Yikes.

So, I kinda collect list ideas.. . .a list of potential lists, if you will. I have been looking for a place to keep them until I have a chance to use them . . . and I decided I keep all my random “stuff” in our blue hutch at home. . . why not on The Blue Hutch online too? You don’t have to feel pressure to read all these but someday you can stop back by and use one of these just to get your mind moving!!!

  1. Best places for inspiration
  2. Friends and family would describe me as. . .
  3. TV shows I wish would come back
  4. Favorite local businesses
  5. Chores I actually enjoy
  6. Books I would recommend
  7. Things to collect
  8. Favorite websites and blogs
  9. Facts about me
  10. I get excited about . . .
  11. When I need a time out
  12. Ways to unwind
  13. Things I am letting go of
  14. Reasons to quit ________________.
  15. Pins to try
  16. I know I’m getting older because
  17. Favorite things about flying on an airplane
  18. Ways to add “magic” to my life
  19. How I feel today
  20. Projects I’m in the middle of
  21. My ideal day
  22. Keep calm and ________________.
  23. This week’s to do list
  24. Things I like and don’t like about today
  25. My favorite treats while traveling
  26. Describe my childhood home
  27. Things I do for myself
  28. When I need to focus
  29. If I ruled the world
  30. On this very day last year
  31. This past week’s playlist
  32. The perfect spring day involves
  33. Surprises this week
  34. What my sis loves about me
  35. What I love about my sis
  36. How would I describe myself to a penpal.
  37. Favorite tools to create with
  38. Favorite fictional couples
  39. Favorite childhood games and tasks
  40. I can’t pass up
  41. Things I would like to do by the end of the month
  42. Who I consider family
  43. Things that can wait until tomorrow
  44. Things I always do for myself
  45. Where I take out-of-town guests
  46. People I want to be like when I grow up
  47. If I had an extra hour in the day
  48. My favorite things to eat this time of year
  49. Every night before I go to bed
  50. Date night ideas
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2 Responses to List of 50 Lists

  1. Anna says:

    Brice and I call them “Top 5s” and you’ve given me some good ideas to spring on our next date night. For his birthday Wednesday I texted him 7 different top 5 lists (cuz he turned 35) throughout the day – sweet ones, of course. 😊 it was meaningful and very cost efficient!

  2. Anna says:

    One thing your sis loves about you: your ability to make a good list


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