Islands in the Stream. . . of Consciousness

Our family conversation floats down the stream of consciousness quite often.  If you have a low tolerance for randomness then you would not want to be our friend. If you can handle the chaos then you are welcome here! Want a taste?

Today in the car:
KB: Mom, did you see that red Jeep? The way the snow was on it made it look like a candy cane.
Little: And the red reminds us of Jesus’ blood.
Me: The red on a candy cane does remind us of Jesus’ blood. What does the white remind us of?
Little: How he washes our sins away.
Me: That’s right. He washes us white as snow. Once He washes your heart, can it get all black again?
KB: Nope.
Little. No. It makes me think of Mary Had a Little Lamb. I’m going to sing it.

Little proceeds to sing three verses of Mary Had a Little Lamb and then repeats the first verse, ending with “whose fleece was white as snoooooow. That’s it. You reminded me of it.”

So, from a Jeep to Jesus to Mary’s Lamb – all in half a block.
Welcome to my world.


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