The Things We Do

We do some crazy things for our kids, right? This week Bubba’s school had a fundraiser at the local music store . . . this started out as a fundraiser at the Barnes and Noble but ended up being a fundraiser at Boomer Music. I am not going to touch the list of reasons that this was a bad idea.

Maybe I will touch it. . . how many violins, guitars, or saxophones does a family need to buy? Everybody could do with another book to read but who’s dropping the cash for an extra drum set? SERIOUSLY.

Still, we had signed Bubba up to play . . . honestly I thought his entire class was going to be singing. No, a small group of kids were signed up to PLAY THEIR RECORDERS. So, school ended and we drove home so he could get dressed in “festive wear” and headed down the road to the small music store with a smaller parking lot.

We arrived as the kids were lining up and listened to Bubba do an excellent job. Now you listen:

There was another song but it started so quickly I was still clapping for the first one (supportive mom that I am) and couldn’t get it recorded. I’m okay with that.

After he finished playing I ran to find Little and shut the door to the MEN’S  bathroom where she was already . . . busy. I stood guard there while KB picked the guitar she wants for Christmas and Bubba checked out the sheet music. Then we went home.

It was a chaotic and low impact 30 min. all for my little man.
The things we do.

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  1. Anna says:

    Thank you for posting!!


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