In order to tell you about today, it seems I must give some backstory. The story starts back in January when our precious St. Louis dentist told me the time had come to take Little to the orthodontist. A week later Honey lost his job and it became obvious that adding the weight of orthodontia to the impending threat of perilous finances was a bad choice.

We returned to the dentist in July and were told that what was said in January was no less true in July. The next week Honey accepted a new job and it became apparent that a trip to the orthodontist would be high on the list when we arrived in Fort Fun. I waited six weeks and then took Little in for a complimentary consultation.

The visit was nice and the staff was super like-able. (I almost hoped she would need braces so that we could spend more time with the ladies.) Instead of braces we were given a six week plan and asked to return in November. The plan? Stop the thumb sucking and get four teeth pulled in two shifts. Sheesh.

Dr. Ebert spelled it out for Little and left no question that he thumb sucking was finished. She sent us home with a worksheet to do together which would lay out small rewards for victories and a big prize to celebrate ultimate success. We worked out the details and Little has not sucked her thumb since. She HAS started sleeping with a pill box (so she can flick the compartments open and shut as she falls to sleep) but the thumb stays out of her mouth. Victory!!!!

The second portion of the plan brings us to present day and our trip to “meet” Dr. Greg today. When I made the appointment the assistant told me that what they like to do (especially with special needs kids) is have a first visit that includes a tour and chats with the doctor so that the child can feel comfortable and ready to come back for their treatment. In turn, I told my daughter that there was nothing to be concerned about . . We were just going to meet and chat with the dentist.

The office was AMAZING with a climbing wall, light up dance floor, and two Wii to play as you wait. Little was immediately taken. The doctor was a pro and a dear and I was immediately taken. The conversation went well and Dr. Greg says that he finds it often best to just take out all the teeth at once instead of in two shifts. I agreed that I would have a terrible time getting Little to come back for more and it would be better to get it all done if things were going smoothly. And THEN I was told, “We actually have plenty of time to do this today if you would like. She seems to be relaxed and fine with us. It’ s up to you.”

As you can see, we did it. I was told that most mom’s like to sit with their child during their first treatment and they had a chair strategically placed just for that purpose. I quickly responded that I trusted the good doctor but if I had to watch him stick her I would either cry or puke and I would wait in the waiting room. He thanked me.

It took no time at all and she was done. Trooper. I gave her the option to go home for the rest of the day and she begged to go back to school. She wanted to tell all her friends about it. I watched her tell three kids and show them her holes in the moments I was there to drop her off.

And now the tooth fairy has to go knock over a bank to pay up for four teeth at once. It’s worth every penny – our Little is so delightful even about such trying things. Maybe I should get some video and share it with the world…it seems so selfish to keep her to ourselves…

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4 Responses to Extraction

  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Yay for LIttle!!! We love you!

  2. Debbie says:

    What a trooper! And it saved you another trip!! đŸ™‚ So glad it is over and that she did great!

  3. Shelley says:

    Love that little girl. And you, sweet friend. Miss you much

  4. Julia says:

    The mouthful of tissue is priceless!


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