Heard Around the Hutch – Reader Discretion Advised

Today was a beautiful day and all the windows were open this afternoon when I heard daughter #2 yell from upstairs, “Does God have a penis?”

Deep breaths. Stay calm. Resist hurdling the couch to shut the windows.
“No. God is a spirit and doesn’t have a body like men,” I called back up the stairs and then took a moment to revel in my catechism reference and excellent parenting skills.

All is quiet and I think it’s over. Nope.

Son yells back up the stairs, “Jesus came to earth and was all God and all man and so HE had a penis.”

My eyes rolled back in my head as I prayed momentary deafness on all our neighbors. I held my breath and awaited Daughter’s response. She yelled down, “Okay.”

Then all was quiet.
I opened up my Zillow app and started looking for new rental property on the other side of town.

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3 Responses to Heard Around the Hutch – Reader Discretion Advised

  1. Anna says:

    That is awesome.

  2. Adelaide Williams says:

    Now that’s a question I’ve never hear before. Bubba nailed it though!

  3. marlene barron says:

    I love the words of the Kicklighter kiddos!!! Miss you all!! Marlene


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