Staying Home to Make It Home

We live in a three level house here in Colorado and the bottom floor is now a family room/office/crafting space. I kinda love it already, but I’m confident that when it is “finished” it will be my favorite place to be.

I decided this would be a relaxed space and a place where Honey can feel some ownership.  Translated, that means that there are Star Trek posters on the wall, a Firefly poster, artwork commemorating Batman and the Bluths, and a huge framed print of God’s Story, by David Arms (oh yeah, we are multidimensional here). That’s the side of the room where you can find the TV and Wii.

As you move past the desk you look upon a different feeling corner/nook.  There is a bright yellow hutch full of fabric and crafting goodies, a red locker with cookie jars full of markers, crayons, and incomplete projects, and a sewing table.  There is a huge empty wall space just waiting for me to make it my own and I have been debating on just how to do that.  It’s been a long time since I have created wall art, like this one for a friend:Daniels pirate hands copyI’ve been too busy making things for the church, like this:Seminary Invite blog

I decided it was time to get back on the horse, so to speak, and make this wall my own many ways.  I have ordered a HUGE piece of turquoise vinyl cut to read “Create” and beneath it I plan to hang three pictures.  One was a free printable I downloaded a couple years ago from Pinterest. You can download it for yourself from my “i like printables” board.craftprintable2


Isn’t it cute? And the colors are perfect! So, I created two others for my wall. There was this one idea I got from another blogger but her printable was the wrong shape and colors so I re-created my own:Love sewing

And then this simple and playful little button:button Button

It’s simple and cute . .  . just like me! *wink* I can’t wait to have it up, have all the stray “stuff” unpacked and put away, and to get started on curtains for the living room.

I just got chills.


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1 Response to Staying Home to Make It Home

  1. Debbie says:

    That is going to be incredible!! So cute!! (just like you :)). Can’t wait to see it–I hope.


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