Number Nine


My boy turned nine today. It’s been coming for a while now . . . 364 days to be exact. It’s a funny age, nine.  He wants to be a big kid in some ways and then grabs my hand to walk into the movie theatre today because he didn’t know a lot of the kids at the birthday party. He wanted me to stay during the movie but he sat with the boys from his class and just peeked to make sure he could get to me if he needed me.  I like it . . .the thought of helping to form this little guy into a man but knowing I’ll always be his mamma and that’s special.

The day was good.  Morning to Evening was all about Bubba and he knew it.  He had cinnamon rolls for breakfast because that’s his favorite – the other day I heard him open the frig, see the rolls and say, “YES! Those are for my birthday. Dear God, Thank you for a mom who does great for birthdays.”

He had a birthday party this morning for a set of twins in his grade. I went along to meet moms and met two.  One actually said, “It’s nice to have new moms/kids to shake things up a bit.” (She is the second parent to say that to us since we arrived. Hmm.)

We had lunch at McDonalds (Bubs choice) and then headed out for family fun. Honey’s birthday was 14 days ago and we spent the day at Estes Park. We had passed this huge slide and Bubba had wanted us to go ride it. My response had been that this was dad’s birthday and so we were doing things he liked but Bubba’s birthday was just around the corner and we could do his fun then.

For two weeks I have heard Bubba talk about his birthday and how I said we would go back to the slide. I got on the computer and started looking around.  It turns out there is a place IN TOWN that has a similar slide and lots of other fun things to do.  That place? Fort Fun:P1000512We hit the bumper cars right away and it was  favorite for everyone.  Only four of us could go at a time and that was fine for the kids. . .it meant they got to ride more times so that both mom and dad could have turns.P1000519There was a game of mini-golf:P1000524Arcade games and then the Pièce de résistance, the SLIDE.  Everyone loved the slide!P1000528 P1000529 P1000530


It was a great day.  Bubba had a great time. How do I know? As we walked to the slide I overheard Bubba say, “Dear God, Thank you again for a mom who plans such great birthdays.”

We went home for a “string spaghetti” dinner, cupcakes, and presents. P1000535P1000543As I said, the day was fun.  This mommy. . . the one who planned such a fun day . . . she fell asleep at 6:50 p.m. and cat-napped until 8 p.m. Apparently, I am too old for the fun I plan.

What did YOU do today?

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7 Responses to Number Nine

  1. Dawn says:

    “Too old for the fun I plan”

    Great quote! I think I’m right there with you 🙂

  2. Kathy Cheely says:

    Grrrreeeeaaaattttt post about Thomas’s grrreeeaaattt day. Thanks for getting it out so quickly. Did his card get there in time? What did I give him?


  3. marlene barron says:

    I love the way you plan birthdays….We are in the process of planning Abbi and Graci’s 16th birthday bash. I love your ideas and how you celebrate special days!!! Have a super one…Praying for you! Marlene

  4. ashleymc says:

    Love that he had such an awesome day Becky! Miss you all lots and lots! We will have to skype soon!

  5. Debbie says:

    You have always done birthdays in such a fun way–it will definitely be something that your kids love and appreciate all their lives! Looks like Bubba’s day was wonderful and full of fun new things!

  6. Coralie says:

    First, you are so great at stuff like this only weeks after moving! Second, the look on J’s face in that slide picture had me giggling and giggling. So hilarious! Please tell Bubba a belated happy birthday from us.


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