Getting Stuff Done

I’m not at the moment – getting stuff done.  I am remembering why I accomplished so little as a stay-at-home mom before.  Today I have talked on the phone with my mom and given her a Facetime Tour of our new home, talked with my former landlord and dealt with a bill I didn’t know I missed, emailed a teacher and a child’s case-worker, and read an article my Uncle sent that was well worth the time.  Now it’s noon.

I was supposed to be finishing up Bubba’s room and doing laundry. I’m going to get to it. . . right after I blog about the update in Bubba’s room and the “fun” we had putting it together.

Bubba got a new bed and, like everything else in 2014, it was bittersweet for me. The bed Bubba has slept in for the past 6+ years is a captain’s bed that I bought (with 2 side tables and a large dresser) off Craigslist for $30.  Honey painted it the perfect chocolate brown that I picked out and it was the perfect little boy bed for our little boy.  Deep. Sigh.

The house we rented without ever walking through it is a nice little house. Bubba’s bedroom is a small room and his perfect bed is not small or flexible.  It HAS to go along a wall and it is bulky – it filled the room and left little space for anything else.  When we went to IKEA a couple weeks ago, Bubba saw a loft bed and actually told himself how much he would love to have that.  I overheard the conversation and had to admit that he was right – a loft bed would really open up his room and allow for some versatility.

Since our van was filled to the top with the items already purchased at IKEA, we didn’t get the loft bed BUT I started combing Craigslist and quickly found a family in town (vs. Denver) selling a loft bed with a desk and bookshelf for the price of the bed at IKEA. We finally put the bed in Bubba’s room Sunday evening.

Everybody got involved . . . Bubba helped with the screws:photo 1

Little practiced “ballet” while the men worked:photo 2

Basically, everyone tightened a screw or held something in place for another person and the job got done.

P1000502Then it hit me. . . I can’t lay down beside my little boy to pray with him anymore.  No more back scratches while we talk through his day. My little guy is turning nine in a couple days and this bed pushed him toward growing up much more quickly than I planned.

When I mentioned I was bit sad that I couldn’t reach to kiss him goodnight, Bubba said just the right thing. . . “I guess I’ll just have to come back down.” And he did.



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6 Responses to Getting Stuff Done

  1. marlene barron says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Praying for you…glad the weather is cool there!!! We are roasting! Love to all!!

  2. Coralie says:

    There is nothing like a move to re-define “perfect”, is there? But I think that looks like a new perfect bed for Bubba.

  3. Super Awesome Dave says:

    So the man and I took that bed apart and kept track of all the dowels and screws for naught? I demand a refund!

  4. Debbie says:

    I love the new bed! Wish they didn’t all grow up so fast!

  5. Tammy Moore says:

    Amelia had one from age 10 to about 13. I very uncomfortably climbed up every night to pray and lie down with her for a little while. The trick was getting back down if she fell asleep without waking her up. It was worth it. He’s a prince to “come back down….” I love that. But you hoist your little self up there anytime you please! Love you!


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