Gonna Make This Place Your Home

IMG_20140807_181619It has been two weeks since we pulled out of St. Louis and the house here is a representation of the greater state of our lives.  KB was just pointing out today that, “if you look in the den and kitchen it looks like we are all settled, but walk downstairs and there’s lots of work to do!” That’s how we feel about the bigger picture too. . . if you look at our ability to navigate Ft. Collins roads, it looks like we have lived here for ages, but peek at our understanding of the culture here and relationships . . .there’s lots of work to do!

First thing I did on the evening we arrived was move the blue hutch into its permanent spot. I just couldn’t rid myself of restlessness until it had found a home. Once it had a home I knew I was home.  Does that sound silly? Sentimental? Well, I guess I am just that: silly and sentimental.

As the sideline reads, “One can usually tell a lot about what is happening in our lives by the size and content of the stacks on our blue hutch.” I thought i would give you a verbal peak so you can infer what prayers you need to pray!

Stack #1: Plastic bin containing light bulbs, caulk, an allen wrench, Ziploc bags, and a coaster. (Just typing that makes me want to pause and put that stuff away – I can’t believe it has sat there for two weeks!) On top of said container is a stack of 8 magazines about Ft. Collins and the many things to do here. There is also a mailing envelope for a movie Bob Burns let us borrow MONTHS ago, a gorgeous frame wrapped in bubble wrap and waiting for a photo from Dianne Waldron, and a portable hard drive.  GOOD GRIEF.

Stack #2: A look and find fairy book that needs to put in KB’s room, a Llama Llama Red Pajama book that was supposed to be delivered to St. Louis before we left so I could leave it as a baby gift for Laura French, several notebooks laid there after church Sunday, a package of thank you notes needing to be written, bus paperwork for Little (ooh, I need to put that in her back pack right now), and my calendar. Behind this stack is a heap of dish towels and a Boogie Board.

Stack #3: Paperwork for our new license plates, homework folders for the two younger kids (they get Monday folders instead of the Friday folders at KDS), a Leappad Explorer with no batteries, five dray erase markers, and a teetering iPod speaker.

You know, when I type this out it seems ridiculous that these things are here and not put away and yet I seem paralyzed to dealing with them. Maybe they can wait a bit longer. As KB said there is plenty of other areas that need work. But another thing KB said as she fell asleep last week was, “This house doesn’t feel like home, Mom.  Can’t we pack up and just go back?” So, maybe I should get busy putting this house together and get this hutch cleared off so she can see it clearly.  Once she can see it I’ll explain that all is well because home is where the hutch is!

(That sounds so cute I might just tell her before I get the place cleaned up!!)

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2 Responses to Gonna Make This Place Your Home

  1. Julia says:

    I always love a peek into your lives!

  2. Anna says:

    That needs to be your blog tagline!


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