Tim Tam Slam

I received a package from Australia . . . it made me cry.  Two of the girls I used to spend time with there sent a package to cheer me up after daddy dying.  There were several things inside, all of which made me want to take my family to Brisbane, but the item that got my children excited was the two packages of Tim Tams.

This chocolate biscuit (cookie) is worth getting excited over and as soon as we had an afternoon of leisure, I taught them how to do the Tim Tam Slam: bite off a tiny bit of both ends and then drink your milk through the biscuit like it’s a straw. Eat the biscuit.  Close your eyes and sigh with happiness.  They mastered it pretty quickly:







Thank you, Felicity and Sarah.  I love and miss you both.

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1 Response to Tim Tam Slam

  1. Kathy Cheely says:

    How absolutely wonderful was that!!! Obviously the kids had fun sharing your memories.

    Kathy Cheely (205) 907-3360 tnkcheely@gmail.com


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