Split Camps – Week 2

Want to add a little chaos to an otherwise calm existence (sarcasm used here)? What you do is sign up two children for a camp on the west side of the city, then sign your third child up for a camp that changes locations in a 30 mile radius each day, and make sure both camps start at the SAME TIME!!

Bubba and KB went to Jump! Camp this week at a local church.  This is their second year to attend and Bubba has literally been talking about it since the camp ended last June. There is loud music, water slides, amusement rides, games, crafts, a daily play on Moses’s life, and more – what is not to like? This picture was taken on “Crazy Hair Day” – hence the colored hair.JUMP

Little returned to Variety Camp for the 6th year. P1000145I went to drop her off the first day and she shared with me that she was feeling a bit nervous about having so many new people to meet. I was so astounded by her sharing feelings of this nature with me, that I became a basket case myself.  Seriously! I felt like I was dropping off my Kindergartener for the first time. OF COURSE, when I picked her up she was calling everyone by name and dishing out hugs right and left.

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1 Response to Split Camps – Week 2

  1. Adelaide Williams says:

    Does Little have on lipstick? Whether she does or not, please tell her Aunt Adelaide said she looks beautiful!


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