School’s Out for Summer

There are many things for me to process here and write about, but the more serious and emotional will take some time.  For now I think I will focus on the fun that is happening around me and my thankful heart that is full to exploding.  It’s the end of school and my three little ones are marching ahead toward independence in spite of all my exhorting them to cease and desist. Last week was spirit week and while they were in Birmingham for the first three days, they were able to make it back to dress in Camo for “Duck Dynasty Day” and to experience the hope deferred from rain on Field Day. Little’s class spent the afternoon celebrating a classmates birthday at a Cardinals game.camo dayImageI made it home in time for actual Field Day and The Green Team, of which we are a part, arose victorious after a day of fun in the sun.




It only seemed right to celebrate with our friends from the Blue Team by eating frozen yogurt at our favorite place, Lancia.


Little had field day a couple days later and had a super time dressing like her friends and getting wet playing games outside.Promise FDAnd then today, with class parties and an awards program for Little, it all ended.  Just like that. The 2013-14 school year went faster than any other so far and I am amazed.

Little won the "Queen of Hearts Award" in honor of how she cares for others.  This mommy is so thankful!

Little won the “Queen of Hearts Award” in honor of how she cares for others. This mommy is so thankful!

Kindy Thomas and VogelNow we face a summer that spreads out ahead of us with questions and uncertainty.  Pray with us, please that we will know where we will be in the fall and have a job in that place. If the summer passes as fast as the school year then we will be need to know more quickly than we care to think. . .

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  1. marlene barron says:

    Thanks so much for your blog. I can hear your sweet, precious voice. Praying steadfastly!!! It is an honor to serve Lily!!!! She is the queen of Hearts!!!!!!!


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