I’m Becky and I’m a Geek


I’m not sure anyone ever told me that “the two become one” doesn’t just refer to physical intimacy in marriage. It’s not like married couples sit around with their single friends and discuss the way their spouse has influenced them since they said their marriage vows, but I am here to tell YOU that the whole two and one thing is just as much about becoming alike as it is becoming intimate.  It’s the only explanation for what I am about to tell you.

February 13, 2014 was another normal work day except for the fact I ended up checking LivingSocial for the first time in AGES.  I don’t know what caused me to look but at that moment the website was having a five-minute sale on tickets for Comic Con in St. Louis. The tickets were already discounted on the website for the day but you got an additional 25% off if you bought them during that five minutes.

15 years ago this would have made me roll my eyes and I would have gone back to creating whatever brochure I was working on just minutes before. BUT I went and married my Honey and the two have become one.  See, he is a sci-fi geek if ever there was one and, slowly but surely, I have grown to love quite a bit about the genre myself.  I can name all the captains from each Star Trek ship. I have a Tardis case on my phone and teared up when Amy Pond said goodbye to Matt Smith’s Doctor #12. I understand the Avengers and can explain to my son how they intersect with Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I can’t believe I am saying this in such a public forum, but I have become quite a geek.

Buying tickets to Comic Con for Honey for Valentine’s Day would not have been a serious consideration under most circumstance.  BUT I went to the website to see who would be here and once I saw that four members of the Firefly cast were attending I was convinced: not only was I buying Honey tickets, I was going to go along.  And since one of the Firefly cast members attending was NATHAN FILLION, I was going to pay the extra and we were going to get a photo taken with him. When I told Honey he screamed like a girl . . well, he screamed just like me, to be honest.

Now, I have admitted to being a geek but I will only go so far.  The day of our outing found me wearing a tasteful pink sweater.  Honey’s response was not, “You look nice” but instead, “Is THAT what you are going to wear?” He put on his BBT “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” t-shirt and we were set.  The fact that his shirt referenced Spock was a far as I was willing to go in the dress-up direction of sci-fi fans.  This guy was obviously willing to go further:?????????


We had fun.  There were cars that brought back memories:?????????


Superheroes that brought out our silly side:?????????


And a few characters that brought me up short . . . I had no idea who these guys were until Honey clued me in (see, not a total nerd).?????????


There was a baby dressed like the Doctor himself, an Ood, women wearing Tardis dresses, women talking on Tardis phones (*wink), and an actual Tardis for a dressing room.  I couldn’t resist.



William Shatner was supposed to be there but he had to leave early for some reason (diva!).  Matt Smith was there the day before (be still my Who-lovin’ heart) and Karen Gillan was there while we were walking around.  Sean Astin was giving out autographs to a swarming bunch of groupies:Sean


and the Karate Kid was there with no line, no waiting . . .RalphThe entire day was fine but the best part was this:

SerenityYes, they herded us through like cattle, but there was definitely a connection there.  I mean he looked me square in the eye and said, “Thanks for coming out.” I am sure he will remember that moment just as long as I will.  He is so pretty. And before you start screaming that I am a married women, etc. just remember, the two become one and my Honey was just as star struck as me.

It was quite a day.  Things were socially acceptable in that arena that would be frowned upon anywhere else! There was a grown man dressed completely like Gandalf the White.  A girl was dressed like a mermaid and was being pulled around in a wagon. People were spending ungodly amounts of money on toys. It was ridiculous.  And it was fun. You know you wish you could have been there. . .

Turns out the Comic part of Comic Con actually refers to comic books and the Con is short for convention.  There were rows and rows of comic books for sale. . . silly me, I didn’t expect that.  I guess I have a long way to go in the nerd world. . . I’m just a Geek Cadet?

Until next time . . . Live long and prosper . . . I aim to misbehave. . . Don’t Blink. . . He’s the hero they deserve but not the one they need right now. . .Nanu, Nanu.


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4 Responses to I’m Becky and I’m a Geek

  1. Debbie says:

    I LOVE that you did that for your hubby and then joined him!! I have no idea who over half the people are that you mentioned or showed pictures of, but glad you both had fun!

  2. Glenda Wood maybe Banks will identify me better. :) says:

    You had me scratching my head with the opening words, I had no idea what you were telling us, BUT when you mentioned Nathan Fillion, BE STILL MY HEART!!!!! That old muscle actually did an extra tick just by reading his name!!!! WOW!! So glad you enjoyed your “date”. Glenda

  3. Adelaide Williams says:

    I’m married to one too! I can only take so much SciFi but you’re right, it does grow on you. Although I must say you’re far more advanced than I ever hope to be.

  4. marlene barron says:

    EXCELLENT! So glad you had a wonderful time!!!!


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