V. Mars

I just spent the evening at the mall reuniting with some old friends.  I mean, “we used to be friends a long time ago but I haven’t thought of them lately, at all.” Yep, I was at the local AMC watching the Veronica Mars movie that was funded by the history making Kickstarter campaign.

Veronica Mars, a story about a high school P.I., ended in May of 2007 after three seasons on two networks. I actually watched the show on Netflix or Hulu the first time but quickly developed a fictional relationship with the characters and mourned when the show ended abruptly and without closure.  If you have seen the show then you are thinking that these are unlikely friends for me. . . smart mouthed and promiscuous teens with minimal parental involvement and maximum cash flow. . . not my typical gang. Truth be told, I was drawn to the camaraderie, loyalty, and love between characters – not the character of the characters *wink*.

The reunion tonight was fun.  The writers gave their fan base everything they would want . . . good back story to fill us in on the past 9 years, closure for some unliked characters, and happy glimpses into the lives of some favorites. Everyone in the theater was obviously a fan, with someone even yelling out “Team Logan” as the film started.  Everyone laughed at the jokes that were nods to the original series and you could hear people’s responses as they recognized faces on the screen. It was fun . . . enjoyable . . . familiar.

I left with only one complaint, and it wasn’t VM specific – just highlighted, once again, by this movie. *spoiler* I am a bit tired of the good guy not getting the girl. Seriously. The guy who loves the girl and selflessly wants her to be the best version of herself always gets left to pine away while she makes out with Mr. Smolder Selfish.

Joey loved Rachel (Friends) and wanted nothing but her best, but she chose Ross who was a bumbling boob who treated her mediocre at best.

Dan loved Blair (Gossip Girl) and wanted her to be safe, happy, and successful, but she chose Chuck, the needy and wild boy who loved her but made terrible choices.

Piz loved Veronica (VM) and treated her like a queen.  Guess who didn’t end up with Veronica – COME ON.

My friend, Kathryn, says I am a goody-goody and I guess I am.  I mean, I fell for my share of bad boys growing up and acted the fool for a few of them.  Truth is though, when it comes to partnering with a man for the rest of your life, don’t you want the wise, loving, selfless man who makes good choices and wants what’s best for you? Don’t I want my daughter to settle down with a good man without believing she has settled for a good man?

Maybe these are disproportionately deep thoughts for a post-veronica-mars-movie-event. Maybe they are appropriate and mature – when are they appropriate if NOT after a PVMME? Feel free to chime in with your two cents . . and, while you are at it, let me know if you ended up with a “bad boy”.  I can’t think of any of my friends who are. . .

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