The Kicklighter Cutting Edge

The day after Christmas found Bubba and Little attending a Winter Day Camp with Variety and KB asking for the 55th time if we would take her ice skating.  My ankle has never been the same after my fall last year and so I turned to Honey to see if he was up for the task. With his nod of consent the air became electric and the plan came together.

We dropped the two kids off at camp and then headed onward to the park and the outdoor skating rink we’ve heard so much about but never visited. Honey and KB got their skates and stickers and headed out to the ice.


It took them 15 min. to get around the rink the first time but only 10 min. the second lap.



Our little beginner made it four laps and she was done. Not only was it cold, she was exhausted, had a cut from a fall (toe-pick!), and was growing weary from not being excellent on her first try.  Honey was just glad to get his feet back on solid ground – his ankles had had enough.

I left with my heart full.  I love when we try new things and I love watching my husband loving and relating well to our kids. I loved the brisk air and the 80’s music . . . it was a good day.



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