Camp Luthinlighter

Remember last year how my friend, Regan, and I planned and executed this entire week of camp fun and called it LuthinLighter? Well, we got the dates on our calendar early this year and had such dreams of a week focusing on the fruits of the Spirit. . . didn’t happen.  Me going back to work full-time?  Happened.  Her husband getting the news that he would be deploying at the end of the summer? Happened.  Camp? Didn’t happen.

We did, however, manage to have an afternoon of backyard fun and games . . . in the same vein of the 2013 Summer Games in Birmingham.  First event? Poop Scoopin. . .????????Next came the vigorous playing on the swing set while the mommies got their acts together. . .

Then everyone got ready to go.  Siblings vs. Siblings.  Luthin vs. Lighter.  See how they stand at the ready? Anticipation on every face. . .????????

The relay had the kids sliding down the slip-n-slide, ????????

hopping up and running to a bat for the bat twirl,????????

and then going across the monkey bars and going down the slide before calling time on the stop-watch.????????

There was also a relay where you did the wheelbarrow down the hill????????

and then rolled a big ball back up the hill using only your head!????????

Lastly, my field-day loving friend threw in a relay where you empty one water bucket into another for a specific length of time and see whose bucket gets most full . . . this was my favorite game to watch! Look at these faces . . .????????


Can’t even remember what the score was (I’m sure Bubba could tell me).  This might a real occasion where we were all winners.  (fade in Barney singing “I love you. . . you love me. . . ) The Lighters sure love the Luthins!!!

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