Quote For Keeps

Today my daddy sent me this quote from Billy Graham.  I wanted to record it here so I wouldn’t lose it.

“As I approached my 95th birthday, I was burdened to write a book that addressed the epidemic of “easy believism.”  There is a mindset today that if people believe in God and do good works they are going to Heaven.  But there are many questions that must be answered. There are two basic needs that all people have: the need for hope and the need for salvation.  It should not be surprising if people believe easily in a God who makes no demands, but this is not the God of the Bible.  Satan has cleverly misled people by whispering that they can believe in Jesus Christ without being changed, but this is the Devil’s lie.   To those who say you can have Christ without giving anything up, Satan is deceiving you.”

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1 Response to Quote For Keeps

  1. Julia says:

    Thought provoking. Thanks


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