Swimming Memories

For the past two years the mention of Memom and Pop’s house in front of my children led to a discussion of the pool and how much they couldn’t wait to go visit and swim again.  For the past two years, if you mentioned swimming with all the cousins in front of my mother (the aforementioned Memom) it would lead to a discussion about how disappointed she was that we forgot to take the picture of all the cousins sitting together on the slide.  I use the word “we” generously . . . it was me who didn’t take the picture and me who determined that no one was getting away from the pool this year without a photo on that slide.

I was told the slide was broken  . . . meaning no water would go down it. . . who cares!! Who needs water to sit on a slide? The show must go on.  Naomi wouldn’t be at the pool – sorry ’bout her luck.  WE WERE GOING TO GET A PICTURE IF IT WAS WITH MY LAST BREATH.????????

After psycho Aunt B got her picture folks were allowed to swim, jump, and have a great time.  With every splash my kids fell more in love with their cousins.  It was wonderful.  ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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1 Response to Swimming Memories

  1. Kathy Cheely says:

    I am lovin’ this blog catch up!!!!


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