Way Back When. . .

Every couple of years we get to see my brother and his family.  I usually make a really big deal about it on here and show a gazillion photos while moaning about how big the cousins have grown and how much I want to go to heaven so I can be with family.  I bet some of you don’t even realize that we spent a week in Birmingham with my extended family this past July – yep you – – the one reader who isn’t IN Birmingham.  You didn’t know, did you?  Well we did . . . and we took pictures . . . the families are dressed in the same color.  See how we did that. . .

965415_10151834358805917_95167515_o-1The trip to Birmingham took us ten hours and it was the first time we have driven it since KB was about one.  It went really well . . in fact, I would say it was super. (tee-hee)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????One might say I over-planned.  I sat with my nose in Pinterest and looked at all the ideas for road trips.  We had magnets on cookie sheets, notebooks with activities, license plate games and little brown bags to open every time we entered a new state.  Kentucky = mad libs (didn’t go over very well)  Tennessee = fake teeth  Alabama = we never got to Alabama because everyone had such fun with the fake teeth.  ??????????????We were off to a great start – making great memories.

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1 Response to Way Back When. . .

  1. Debbie says:

    I knew :). Love the picture!! My mom is always so jealous of how you all wear your own color t-shirt. We are never that organized! I LOVE the fake teeth, too! No wonder your kids didn’t need a bag for Alabama :).


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