Shock and Amazement

ImageSomething happened today that I honestly never thought would happen. 

KB and Bubba were invited to a birthday party this afternoon and Honey was sweet enough to come to the school to take them.  The plan was that I would stay and get a couple last things done at work while he delivered the kids to the ToyTyme Party Room.

I was waiting with the kids on the playground and when Honey arrived we chatted about his trip to the doctor this morning.  Little was walking over toward us and so I used the old tried-n-true method of spelling the words I didn’t want her to understand.  I said, “Honey, I was thinking y’all could have a special bit of time and maybe walk down to the c.a.r.o.u.s.e.l.”  I spelled it fast.  I wasn’t sure Honey was going to catch it (he usually makes me spell things twice) but I wasn’t even considering my daughter would understand.  As Honey was saying, “yeah, that could be good, ”  Little was saying, “Did you mean the carousel? Are we going to ride the carousel, daddy?” 

Wow.  What might have really ticked off the average parent was a mind-numbing moment for me.  I don’t think it has even crossed my mind as a possibility that my special-brained little one would ever get to a point that a quickly spelled word would be deciphered.  Here she was. . . getting after it with that super special brain.  Isn’t God sweet and surprising? Sweet to let us see Him at work in tiny things and surprising as to just what those things will be.

I think I might need to regroup and start dreaming bigger again.

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3 Responses to Shock and Amazement

  1. Julia says:

    Perhaps you should celebrate with some CherWine?

  2. Debbie says:

    So great!!


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