I was there. It was awesome.

One of the things about working these past 3 months is that I have felt like I missed out on summer.  I didn’t do creative things with my kiddos in the coolness of the morning.  I didn’t take them fun places to explore.  I didn’t get a big project done.  I feel like there is no way my kids had a good summer. When I look on the summer to-do board that hangs in our stairwell, I see things a little bit differently.  Our kids had a good summer.  They went swimming quite a bit, went to (at least) six different parks on multiple occasions throughout the summer, saw movies, went to camps, had fun, and had fun! Just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Well, school has been back on for 8 days and I took a day off to make sure I didn’t miss all the last minute details and the excitement of a new year.  Open house day was CRAZY with parents just as excited to see each other as the kids were.  I made a deal with my children that if they would let me take a photo of them with their teacher at open house, then I wouldn’t follow them to class on their first day of school.  They went for it.????????Little is back with the same two teachers she had last year – actually, Mrs. Lee (left) is the teacher and Mrs. Scheer (right) is the classroom’s full-time OT.  Technically she would be in fourth grade this year, but things run differently at Promise.  Little’s school moved to a new building this year and we are thrilled that it is less than two miles from our house and a much better situation for the school as well.  After just one week I am already giddy over what could happen this year in our Little’s life with these women pouring into her.  We are ever humbled and grateful for Promise Christian Academy.????????Bubba was placed in the second grade class with the man-teacher (every little boy’s hope).  Mr. Vogel goes to our church and he’s a great guy.  I’m excited to see what God has planned for Thomas during this year.  He is most excited that “there is only one recess this year which means a lot more time for learning”.  Mr. Vogel may have his work cut out for him!????????My baby started Kindergarten this year.  “Miss Reith is awesome,” is a continual piece of feedback we have heard this week. KB has had the reaction to full day school that I expected she would have. . . she has embraced it with exuberance. This past Wednesday she did ask me why she had to go all day and I corrected her by reminding her she gets to go all day. . . she has loved everything about full day.  The conversation continued like this,

KB: “Mom, it’s kinda hard during rest time. . . it’s difficult for me to . . . well, . . .”
ME: “Stay quiet.”
KB: “Yes. How did you know?”
ME: “Because I know you, sweetheart, and you and I struggle with some of the same things. I got in trouble all the time at the beginning of Kindergarten because I kept talking during rest time. The difference was that I got spanks at school and you don’t get those.”
BUBBA:“Mom, why didn’t you ask Jesus to help you stay quiet? Did you not know Jesus?”
ME: “Yes, Bubba, I knew Jesus but I didn’t think to ask Him to help me and my teachers didn’t talk to us about those things either. I am so very glad that you and KB know to ask Jesus for help when you are faced with something so difficult like staying quiet when asked.”
BUBBA: “Mom, did you go to Mason Ridge because they don’t talk about Jesus there.”

Anyway, you get my point. . . KB loves school, has the same struggles as her mother, and my son . . . keeps me on my toes.

I am thankful I got to go with my kids to meet their teachers and see their rooms.  I am sure they would have been fine without me but I’d like to think it was better with me.  All I know is I was better off being with them.

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3 Responses to I was there. It was awesome.

  1. Debbie says:

    Looks like the school year got off to a great start for them all! I can’t believe KB is in Kindergarten!! How fun for Bubba to have a male teacher, too. That doesn’t happen very often. Hope you are all enjoying being back in the school routine. While school “technically” started last week, it was filled with trips for both HS and MS to Windy Gap, so today is more of the “real” first day of school for everyone. It also begins after school Cross Country practice AND play rehearsals until 5:30 most days. It’s going to be a busy fall!!

  2. 3littlemen says:

    I LOVE Bubba’s comment about Mason Ridge. I could just hear him saying it!

  3. KB’s teacher is my boss’s (Eric Larsen) cousin!! how fun!


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