Geek Fun

Andrew to do listI am so excited and it’s the weirdest thing.  In September there are these girls I’ve never met doing something I love to do and I’m going to do it with them.  Seriously.  There names are Amy and Kam and they live somewhere and make lists.  In fact they have an event twice a year dedicated to making lists.  Isn’t that amazing in a geeky sort of way???

Well, I saw their website some time this summer when I clicked through a link on Pinterest.  Right away I made the commitment that if they really sent me an email telling me the 30 Days of Lists was about to start then I would take up my pen and play along.  Well, the email arrived this week and I am giddy excited about the journaling to be done.

I feel like the times I pick up a pen to journal are fewer and farther between BUT everyday I take up my pen to make a to-do list at work and I just love it.  The thought of making random lists that stimulate further thought. . . well that’s just a little taste of heaven.

Am I being a bit over the top? Well, you just don’t understand my love for the list.  Amy and Kam do.  Just go look at their pinterest board dedicated to the list. . .here.

And now I am going to go cut and glue paper and ready myself for September fun.  If you are nice I might tell you more about it once we start.  If you aren’t nice. . . well, I’m going to go make a list of all the things I might say to you!!

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1 Response to Geek Fun

  1. mrs. barron says:

    Oh girl!!! I think it is wonderful!!! My problem is the lists grow and I don’t do the items on the list. Working really hard this school year to get stuff done!!! I just LOVE to make lists!!! Have fun!!!


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