Heard at the Hutch

Honey goes in to Little’s room each night to give her medicine and change her pull-up one last time.  It is one of my favorite parts of each day and I usually stay out of sight and just listen to the interchange.  Little sits straight up when the door opens and her mouth immediately begins running.  There is never any way of predicting what the topic will be.

Honey and I ate dinner after the kids went to bed tonight and so the first thing out of Little’s mouth when the door opened was, “What did you and mom have for dinner tonight?”  Honey answered, “We had an Asian dish called Spicy Cashew Chicken.”

Little replied, “When I go to Asia I will have Asian Chicken too.”  Honey just responded with, “Okay, here’s your pull-up.”

Little continued, “Know what they have in Australia?”  Honey said, “Australian chicken?”  Little replied, “You are so right!”

There were kisses and hugs and she went back to sleep.
Tonight I dream of multicultural chickens – – with a smile on my face.

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