HOW did he miss that???

Tuesday night I was watching one of the shows I enjoy (“Body of Proof”) and Honey entered the room.  Honey has never watched this show with me but his company was a welcome change and we settled into the comfortableness of just being together.  It was all going so well until the dramatic moment in the middle of the show when the music intensified and the camera revealed the back portion of a crashed plane through the trees.

Honey put his iPad down and said, “RIGHT!!! How did he miss that??? SERIOUSLY! HOW did he not see that???” I quietly responded, “You are welcome to be here but you are not allowed to say anything negative about my show.

Just now I was putting socks away and as I put Honey’s socks into his drawer I noticed a purple stripe and realized one of KB’s socks had gotten into Honey’s drawer somehow.  Then I saw another child sock.  Then another.  I ended up with eight socks that belonged to other members of the family! The kids have been telling me that they have no socks and I just couldn’t figure out where they were all going. . . turns out the dryer was NOT the culprit.

To be honest, if there are kiddo socks in Honey’s drawer it means that I put them there.  I have no recollection of doing so and cannot imagine the circumstances under which such a thing would happen, but I own my part in the story.

That said, I am on my way  to tell my Honey about the eight pairs of socks that have been staring at him from his drawer for what may have been weeks and to let him know that THAT is how the guy missed the burning plane (that was through the trees and off to the side); he was focused on the dying woman.” (Of course Tommy was focused.  Tommy is not an idiot.  Tommy is Tommy!) Or, comparatively,  he was “looking for blue socks” and so all the kiddo socks “blended in with the brown, navy, and black dress socks.” (Honey knows what it’s like to be focused.  Honey is NOT an idiot.  Honey is Honey!)

Sigh.  I love that story. . .

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