April has been a whirlwind.  I’ve been working at the security desk at the kids’ school.  Beyond the fact that every child feels so much safer with me there *wink*, it has meant a lot less time to complete things around the house.  I’ve realized that blogging hasn’t been a regular occurrence and I have decided that is, in part, due to the hours my kids spend at school. . . away from me. . . doing heaven only knows what.

Actually, this April I do know some of what they were doing.

  • I walked by KB’s room at school last week and everyone was sitting in circle time. . . everyone BUT KB, who was sitting with her head down at a table nearby.  Nice.
  • Bubba came home from school this week and told me it wasn’t his best day.  He had to go stand in the back of the room (behind his classmates, he clarified) because it was the second time he had been silly.  Nice.
  • I got a call from Little’s teacher telling me that there had been an accident and they had no clean clothes . . . or shoes. . . for Little to wear.  I asked what happened and, apparently, Little’s shoes had been bothering her and the teachers had told her repeatedly that she would have to keep them on.  SO, my little girl went into the bathroom and proceeded to pee on her shoes! Yep, you heard me! PEE ON HER SHOES so that she could take them off.  It was effective.  They asked me to bring her clothes but it was an hour before school ended and so I picked her up and we came home to discuss the consequences for her actions.

What ELSE has been going on this April? My mom came for a visit.????????

The girls found new places/ways to play their LeapPads.????????

Cardinals Baseball started again:????????

Little has been picking the paint off the bottom shelf of her bookshelf (it’s better than bloody fingers but it’s still obnoxious) and so Little has learned to vacuum! ????????

And we spent date night at a nearby Laundromat since our dryer was on the fritz and the laundry well had run dry.  I told Honey it was one of the most romantic dates we’ve been on in a while. . . it was really fun.  It was extra fun to leave with every article of clothing we own (except for the clothes on our backs) CLEAN!!! AND FOLDED!!!!????????

Oh, and in case you are wondering . . . I was sincere about the romantic nature of the date. It was so fun to stand their and pull clothes from the dryers together and chat.  We women just love to chat.  And the issue with the dryer was only  the need for a replaced vent hose. WOW.  Who knew a change so small could make such a HUGE difference.  My first load of clothes after the hose was replaced took 15-20 min to dry.  HEAVEN.

Only two days left in April and only 19 days till school is out.  I’m going to end this post right here because that last sentence seems to have stimulated a panic attack! I need to go make a list!!!

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1 Response to April

  1. Debbie says:

    I love your highlights from the month! Ok, maybe not the pee on your shoes thing :), but the playing LeapPads upside-down picture was GREAT. Glad your mom got to visit and am hoping your parents and mine are having fun at the zoo!


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