Spring Break

Honey finally pushed me to be brave enough to add the wax to the furniture I’ve been painting.  My dear friend encouraged me to use cheese cloth instead of the wax brush and I took her lead and laid into this little dresser.

It took no time at all to wax but the problem was all the little lint bits from the cheese cloth.  I wiped it all down and prayed for the best.  Honey did the same with the corner cabinet.  The next day we realized that an additional coat of paint would be necessary.  Who wants a piece of furniture that looks like it needs to be dusted 24/7?


In our lazy stupor we were more lenient with electronics.  Now, don’t get your hose in a wad, we didn’t just ignore our kids and let them become iHeads.  (as my previous post proves)  It was fun to walk into a room and discover this. . . ????????

and this. . . ????????

and especially this. . . ???????? Another activity involved putting the exercise wheels under one’s knees and rolling around the kitchen using your hands behind you . . . kinda like a crab walk? ????????

One of the crafts we actually did was to decorate eggs.  The combination of my kiddos and egg dye make my eye tick so I looked for an easier alternative.  This was NOT it.????????

Sure they’re pretty.????????

It was okay, honestly, but I will never do it again unless someone is paying me to do it.  Paying me A LOT to do it.????????

It sounds so simple . . . glue dots on hard-boiled eggs and dipped into glitter.  1) glue dots do not stick to cold eggs.  2) glitter is the lice of crafting.  3) spray adhesive was much more fun to work with but MUCH closer to dye in the messiness factor.  I am chalking this up to another fun activity attempted and one more date to add to Bubba’s repertoire. . . can’t you hear him. . . .

“Dyeing eggs is the best thing to do.  Dipping eggs into colors.  We didn’t do that last time.  Remember when we decorated eggs with glitter on March 23, 2013 and it was messy and hard?”

I’m looking forward to that.

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1 Response to Spring Break

  1. Kathy says:

    You are absolutely hilarious. . .and so is Thomas!!


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