Let Them Eat Cake

You know me, I’m a planner.  I enjoy making a plan, but the truth is I need someone to push me to work the plan.  I created plan for Spring Break that included the following for every day:  1)a verse to study  2)something to cook together 3)a craft 4)an activity.  Sounds good, eh?

Well, I think we did one thing every day and I was pleased with that.  Where I had assumed we would be up and at the day by 7:00 (since our kids never sleep past 5:45AM), we never really got up before 8:00AM.  It set a tone for the week of relaxing and enjoying the slow pace.

Monday, when I was not yet relaxed about my plan, we baked cake.  We divided the batter into five bowls and dyed each bit a different color.  The kids then proceeded to put five spoonfuls of each color into their mason jar.


It was messy and fun and pretty to look at.  We put the jars into a dish with a little water and cooked them.  They seemed a bit messier than what we saw on Pinterest.


While the cake was baking, the kids did some painting.  The plan had been to paint with qtips but the paint was all dried out and I found the dot paints “accidentally”.


The cake was yummy and I would do it again with just a few changes.  I would NOT put icing on top. . . at least not store icing.  YUCK! I would wipe the lips of the jars before cooking too.  Ehhh – live and learn.  The kids didn’t seem to mind:


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1 Response to Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Debbie says:

    Such a neat idea! Our spring break has officially started and my plan for this year is to have no plan :).


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