Looking back at February

????????Little had a play date on one of her days off school.  This is the other gal in her class and they shared Valentine cookies and played hide-and-go-seek over and over.  They hid in the same places every time but it never got old.  I love that Little has a friend who gets her *smile*.

????????KB lost her first tooth and the family celebrated with the traditional trip for frozen yogurt.  KB chose a different place and it was freezing outside so we were all wearing coats, but it was still super fun.  The other two were more than a year older than her when they lost their first tooth and this really took me off guard.  It’s also the first tooth I have pulled, so that was a big deal.  I had a real emotional response to this event.  It just made my baby seem like not so much a baby.   Sigh.????????My mom sent this doll furniture up to KB.  It was my sisters and I think somebody made it.  I love this picture.  I love seeing KB sitting their with a big bow, doll furniture, and those filthy knees on her leggings.????????

We’ve been playing games!! Bubba has hit the ground running and he LOVES games.  When Memom comes to visit she is going to have FUN!

????????On Tuesday afternoons I have been helping out a friend by watching her two youngest for a few hours.  Her Honey has class at the seminary and she is a teaching assistant at the school.  It has been fun to get to love on these two and, by virtue of loving on them, love on their parents too.


Our friends, the Barbers, moved away.  April and Dan are long time friends and it was so very nice to share the last seven (?) years of life with them here.  There were lots of milestones in those years and it was great to share life with people who KNOW you.  The move is a great gift for them and a sad reality for us.  Miss ’em every day.????????


KB wants to wear make-up.  Memom gave her a little kiddy make-up kit for Christmas and that started the talk.  Now she is very interested when I put mine on  and asks repeatedly if she can have some too.  On this day I let her try mascara and – man – after seeing her blue eyes with mile long lashes it was settled that she will not be wearing mascara until she turns 18. . . or 30.  Thankfully, she disliked taking off the mascara so much that I don’t think she’ll be asking again for quite some time.

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3 Responses to Looking back at February

  1. Debbie says:

    Such sweet pictures! I love that you have a girl who will wear big bows :). So sorry for the move of your friend. I’ll pray that God fills that gap with another special relationship. Hope your March is filled with more special moments.

  2. Anna says:

    You look gorgeous in that picture!

  3. april says:

    Just now seeing this. I miss you EVERYDAY….probably at least five times a day. Love you.


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