Variety and Magic

You’ve heard me mention Variety the Children’s Charity of STL; they are the organization that puts on the camp Little attends every summer.  Their mission statement is, “To help local children with disabilities reach their full potential by providing services every time they need assistance.” We are truly thankful for the opportunities they have provided for both Little and Bubba over the years and last night they did it again.

The Magic House is an incredible place to go and learn while playing.  (You’ve heard me mention it before as well.) My son informed me yesterday that it had been two years since we have gone and that is a crying shame – it’s just that the place is ALWAYS crowded and it’s a pricey endeavor at $8/person (including adults!).  Well, Variety was offered a complimentary evening at The Magic House and we registered to attend.  For a high schooler it’s like have Six Flags to yourself!???????????????????????

The kids walked from one thing to the next and I didn’t worry one time about Little wandering off or someone taking one of my kids.  (EVERYONE there had their hands full with who God gave them. . . they were NOT looking to take one of mine!)

I had asked each of the kids which thing they would be so sad if they didn’t get to do it. . . Little said “play with the water while I wear a smock,” Bubba said, “Play with that thing where you put the ball in and it sucks it up and spits it out and you try to catch it,” (I knew JUST what he was talking about) and KB said, “Eeeeehverything!” I got her to narrow it down and, even though Little didn’t give the water play another thought through the night, everyone left “happy”.  ??????????????????????????????????????

Watching Little in the baby nursery was one of my favorite parts of the night.  She took the clipboard in and read the list of things to do with the baby. . .then did them all!!! That’s a first.  I know she’s nine but she’s really only three or four-ish in a lot of ways and this was the most fun trip with her ever.  I’m going to send one of the doctor pictures to her pediatrician; he’ll love that.????????????????

It’s been so long since we have been that we didn’t know they had put in a pet clinic! KB could have spent an entire day in their.  For the past year KB has consistently told us that she wants to be a vet and here she was in vet heaven! ????????????????

There were two walls of cages with animals inside.  Each dog had a name tag with a photo so you knew which cage it belonged in.  There were tables for exams and a sink for baths and a blower for drying! There were even xrays on the wall and bones in jars for viewing.????????????????


I kinda wish we had come to this first because I think the kids would have spent an hour without blinking.  Such a treat.  I can’t wait to take them back.

In honor of the holiday, Variety staff were there with shamrock sugar cookies for the children to decorate.  ??????????????????????????

Just imagine 50 kids with special needs and their 50 siblings spreading icing and shaking sprinkles.  Let’s just say I am glad I am not a night janitor at the Magic House!!!??????????????????????

The kids all had a ball and the cookies were yummy.?????????????????????

I’m so glad we went. There was freezing rain POURING down and we almost stayed home, but there is something relaxing about being with other families who have children with needs.  I told Honey that I feel like these are “my people” to some extent and it was fun to smile at them and say positive things about their precious children that our God made on purpose and for a purpose.

It was also fun to watch Little run up and hug them women she has known for the past six years.  I don’t know if you remember when Little presented that scrapbook to the woman of the year ages ago, or if I told you that they asked her to make a presentation to a radio personality one time. . . well last night they asked if she would be on a commercial! They just “love her voice” and “she speaks so well”.  *smile*  We’ll just see how that plays out but it made my heart glad to see her being a blessing to others once again.

So, “Thank you, Variety!” and “Thank you, Magic House” We look forward to another night of zipping through your halls.  And if you, reader, want to come visit. . . we’ll take YOU with us and you’ll have the time of your life.

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3 Responses to Variety and Magic

  1. Kathy Cheely says:

    Run up and hug the women, not them women

    Love the entry. Great info especially Little reading the list and doing everything.

    I love it when you blog!!!

  2. Jane Adair says:

    What a writer you are! This was so fun to read, like a mini visit. Your special children have a special Mommie. Blessings to you as you bless so many others.

  3. Debbie says:

    So glad you got to go!! Looks like fun for everyone!


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