Teacher Work Day


They call it a teacher work day but it means a lot of work for the parents! *smile*

Little had school today but our younger two were off. Honey hasn’t gone to work at all this week, Little was home Monday, Bubba on Thursday, and I wasn’t really back on my feet until Wednesday. I have gotten absolutely nothing done this week with all the traffic at home. The best medicine for a list maker who hasn’t touched her list? A SITTER!!!

A sweet sitter showed up at 10:30 AM and played with my children for a few hours. I was able to get uninterrupted work done in the office for an hour and then went out to run a few errands! (Honey went along to visit the Apple store.) When we arrived home at 1:30 and Molly left, the kids went to their rooms for quiet time and I got a few MORE things done.

Room time ended and it was decided that we would make brownies.

MANY of my friends are very good at letting their kids bake with them. Whenever their is a conversation that moves toward the topic of the kids in the kitchen, I excuse myself to go floss (or something). Special brains do not lend themselves to helping in the kitchen and Bubba has just never shown an interest. My OCD tendencies are the only things that have kept KB from the counter (A three years-old can miss a bowl no matter how huge. It takes a long time to clean up an entire cup of flour.)

Today I made a Lordship decision and headed into the kitchen with KB and Bubba. I got the ingredients out while pulling a Julia Childs and talking them through everything. “You want to get everything out in the beginning and put it on the counter. We will need eggs, etc.” I handed Bubba the oil for the pan, explained what needed to be done, and held my breath while he did his best.

KB asked if she could open the box and pour the mix into the bowl (yes, mix) and I asked her to use scissors to open the bag and then turned to get the measuring cup while she poured.

Bubba measured the oil.

KB measured the water.

Then we came to the eggs. It was either April’s or Emily’s voice I heard telling me how their little one loves cracking the eggs. “I just make sure they do it over a small bowl so I can see any shell.” I grabbed two cereal bowls and the two eggs and talked the kids through what they would need to do. KB tapped her egg and cracked it open. . .not a shell in the bowl and no mess to speak of. Meanwhile, Bubba tapped his egg and as he went to pull his shell into two halves some egg white got on his hand. In one fluid motion the egg was crushed and dropped into the bowl; yes, the entire egg. The action was accompanied by Bubba yelling “eww!” with great fervor.

Bottom line? Brownies got made. Kids got to help. I got an emotional and mental workout. Now, you tell me how filling in report cards is more work than that! Maybe I’ll take a parent work day next week. . .

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3 Responses to Teacher Work Day

  1. mrs. barron says:

    You rock!!!!! Cory does the baking with Abbi and Graci. I always need to “floss” when they are in the kitchen. And, I do love cleaning up the mess. Oh, my OCD tendencies come out when they cook. All that aside, they make a good batch of cookies/brownies. And, my OCD tendencies can be used in a positive manner. Hey, over spring break, I will let them cook a lot so I can deep clean the kitchen. Thanks for the great idea! All of us are “winners”. I am so proud of you.

  2. amy s. says:

    i’m right there with you. i want my kids to learn to cook and to love it, but i want someone else to teach them. 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a good day to me!!


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