Check Mate

In the fall Bubba spent eight weeks learning the game of chess.  The school he attends has a chess club for kids in grades 1-6 and Bubs had a ball.

Sometime in November I was looking at Sprout & About to see what kind of “goings on” were going on and I saw that the World Chess Hall of Fame was having a family event that very morning.  I called to see if they had space for Bubba and, in a surprising display of spontaneity, the two men in my life headed west to check it out.??????????

There was an exhibit of chess games made from all types of materials and Bubba got to make his own chess pieces out of nuts and bolts.  Pretty cool, I must say.??????????

There was also time for him to paint a chess masterpiece.??????????

The guys had a super time and I was thrilled that such a wonderful option exists in one of the quaint crevices of our city.  It was great time for father and son to be together and Bubba left feeling like a king. . . ??????????

Chess club starts back up next week and while Bubba is at club I am going to readChess for Children, the book we “got him” for Christmas.  I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂

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2 Responses to Check Mate

  1. Melanie Z says:

    I just love everything about this post!

  2. Debbie says:

    What a cool place! If Bubba really likes to win, he could play me and beat me EVERY time!


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