We had a little snow over the Christmas holidays. When I say little I really mean little. It came down all day but the accumulation was light – just enough to be pretty. AND just enough to cause our children to run hither and yon through the house to layer clothes and head out to play.


They made a merry little band of players heading out into the “wild”.????????

KB took the lead (of course).????????

I managed to wrangle one posed photo out of the gang.????????

But after that it was all snow angels and cleaning off the van.????????Good times.

Little was the first to come in; I was not surprised. The others followed after an additional 15 minutes and hot chocolate was had by all. Noses lost their redness. Fingers regained feeling. All was right in the “world”.

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2 Responses to SNOW

  1. jane adair says:

    These are great mini visits. Thank you.

  2. Julia says:

    Oh those were the days when we enjoyed playing in the snow, making snow angels and of course in my neighborhood sledding down Mr Huffman’s hill the we named “Crazy Curve.”


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