No Money Gifts 2012


It looks pink but the color is really Bleaker Beige – the new wall color in our living room.  Honey painted the room for me AND two pieces of furniture (black).  Merry  Christmas to me! Isn’t it pretty:????????I gave Honey 3 Walls and Freedom.  The home office is his to decorate in the way he would like. I wrapped three pictures with some ideas. . .
????????????????Oh, Yeah. We are embracing Honey’s inner geek and going with it. Yep, that’s posters with the Enterprise that you see. You aren’t seeing things, that IS a Tardis lampshade and Batman IS on that clock. Who doesn’t love the Bluths? And the periodic table pillow is a keeper.  Any room for Honey wouldn’t be complete without a leadership quote. I used photoshop to add a replica of Serenity on the shelf and it was cute, but it was also $3000+.  So, like everything else in these photos, that suggestion was just me being cute. I’ll post a picture when he makes decisions and gets done.

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1 Response to No Money Gifts 2012

  1. Debbie says:

    I somehow missed this post until now. What great and creative gifts! I love the new wall color.


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