Does Halloween Bug You?

This year we were a bit “bugged” by Halloween: Butterflies, Ladybugs, and Spiders. . . oh, my!

One more week and that Spiderman costume would not have made it!! Still, isn’t he terrifying? The best part was that he had his glasses on under that mask – hilarious.  Also, when “no one was looking” he would pretend to sneak around and shoot web at things.  So cute.

We went to our old neighborhood (seminary housing) to trick-or-treat and it was just perfect.  45 apartments with about 80% participation took us about an hour.  Everyone was so very kind and it was fun to watch them recognize Honey as the one who interviewed and admitted them.

At every door the kids would call out “Trick-or-Treat” in chorus (this was the first year they needed no prompting) and then Little would ask, “Do you have any pets?”  When we walked away from a door a passerby would hear, “THANK YOU!” from three voices and then one little sweetheart calling out in addition, “Thank you! Thank you for letting me pet your pup!”

The police came by, turned on their lights, and handed out bags of chips – so very cute.

It was my favorite Halloween yet! Just a great night.  How was your Halloween?

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2 Responses to Does Halloween Bug You?

  1. mrs. barron says:

    On our street, Halloween is a fun community filled event. We had fewer children this year….but we were able to visit with so many families…the children are growing up and we get to watch it. The firetruck comes every year and hands out treats. This year, I begged my girls to go out and enjoy. And, every teen that came to our door was instructed to come every single year regardless of age. On a couple of teens, I told them I would personally drag them from their homes on Halloween if they didn’t come to our house. For so long, I struggled with this holiday. The Father has used it in our neighborhood to enjoy fellowship! Glad to hear you had such fun!!!!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    Love the costumes! Sounds like a great night! You will have to look on my Facebook page to see a picture of the girls’ costumes :).


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