Birthday DUCK!

KB succeeded at turning five and fun was had by all.  My biggest success was remembering to take her photo with the special duck that was bought to help mark her growth.  You know how weird we are about that. . .

Little has a frog:

Bubba has a car:

And KB has a duck:

In doing this post I have realized that KB is missing three years of duck photos (yes, she is only five) and Bubba is missing two. . .I must have really had my hands full to have forgotten.  Chalk it up to just more proof that I need Jesus and we’ll, instead, comment on the amount of personality my daughter is displaying in this latest photo.  Socks that don’t match (of course) and sunglasses on the duck.  Oh, and there’s the purse she has on her shoulder that is full of little dolls to take in the car.  I love this girl.

I got her to put the duck down so I could get a picture of her birthday shirt:

Goof ball.  Moments later she interrupted my photo-taking spree to say, “Now I’m going to pose, Mom!” and this was the result (notice the skirt she selected to wear with the shirt. . . they both have brown and pink!):I should have known that silliness was ahead at this point (5m):

I guess I am a slow learner!

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3 Responses to Birthday DUCK!

  1. Julia says:

    She hasn’t changed a bit, has she?

  2. Debbie says:

    What a doll! I love her personality and hope she had a wonderful 5th birthday!

  3. Nicole Summerall says:

    Everything looked awesome!!!


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