What’s On My Mind Tonight

This is what we look like. . . in case you’ve forgotten.

I know it has been AGES since I wrote something here. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Life is very full-on at the moment and I keep thinking all kinds of things but then have little-to-no energy to work the thoughts out into words. Honey is out tonight at a meeting and the house is quiet around me, so I thought I would try to organize my mind by purging my thoughts here.

1. If Selena Gomez has an album I think I can have an album. This is not a slam on Miss Gomez, I’m just sayin’ that with the right equipment I can sound good too.

2. We are reading this book called “Give Them Grace” and while the book is alright, the stuff our leader says is gold. Some of it is amazing, really. If I parent with her input in mind – my kids are going to lose theirs.

3. We are having a yard sale this weekend. I feel like I only have a little stuff to sell since I just had one in March BUT it means I get to spend Saturday morning with my dear friend, April, and I might earn a few dollars too.

4. I got a job. I am working in the church nursery for a few hours each week. This amounts to very little cash flow BUT when you add multiple weeks of a little cash it adds up to . . more cash.

5. I am part of a “play date swap” on Wednesdays (the title is not official). Two friends and I swap out who takes all the preschoolers home each Wed. So, one day Regan takes N, KB, and L to her house at 11:30 AM carpool and brings them all back when she comes to pick up her first grader at 3:00PM. Caroline and I meet her at 3:00 PM carpool when we come to pick up our own first graders and everyone takes their own kids home for the evening. The beauty of this story is that two of every three weeks I have an entire day to get stuff done and the third week I have playmates for my preschooler. This has been a blessing. Thanks to the preschool teacher for suggesting this! Feel free to make the plan your own wherever you are.

6. The school where Bubba and KB attend is having this Gala event to kick off the annual fund and I am friends with the gal heading it all up. Somehow I went from having a brainstorming conversation with her to being in charge of a little part. It’s been fun, don’t get me wrong, but it has been something on my list that takes up a portion of my brain. I’ll realize all of a sudden that I am stressing about it and then have to remind myself that it is under control and then move on. The dinner is a month from yesterday. It should be fun.

7. A good friend from Birmingham came to town and stayed with us. Carolyn used to work with my daddy before she moved to UGANDA a year and a half ago. It was sooo fun to have her here, and at four days she is our longest guest ever (outside of family). I told her that she made me believe we could open our home and it be enjoyable. I am so very thankful she trusted us with her time.

She wanted a picture by the blue hutch which made me laugh, but THIS is my favorite picture from the visit:

We also went to Chickfila together so she could really feel like part of the Blue Hutch family. It was the ten-year anniversary of the mall and that day they were giving away free sandwiches to everyone who wished them “Happy Anniversary!”. What a happy for us all!

8. The kids love the show Fresh Beat Band and last week the character “Twist” said, “I like to be prepared.” Later on that day we were in the van and I saw KB had three purses bulging with stuff. I asked what was going on and she answered, “I like to be repaired.”

9. My mom came to visit last week and spent the first six hours of her stay doing my laundry. What a blessing.

10. Last Tuesday started off pretty rough and I was ANGRY when I got into the car to take the kids to school. So angry that I popped in a Keith and Kristen Getty cd instead of our usual tunes. Halfway through “In Christ Alone” I hear my Little ask from the very back of the van, “Mom – does your heart need this song?” Sigh. Yes. Yes it does. Mostly it needs the One the song is about.

Okay – that’s all I can do tonight. My eyes feel heavy and my fingers are cramping from sudden extensive use. I’ll leave you with this random nugget:

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3 Responses to What’s On My Mind Tonight

  1. Coralie says:

    Having you working on Tuesdays is one of the best parts of my job. Thank you.

  2. Kathy Cheely says:

    Please reread today’s blog. I can’t make sense of the sentence structure.

  3. mrs. barron says:

    Dear one, oh, I love your blogs!! Congrats on the nursery job…you will have a blast….and I hear the fellowship with the other workers is fun. I can hear wise “Little” with the heart question! I LOVE what you have to say. The world is going fast….your children will enjoy reading this when they are older!! You are brilliant! Enjoy the gala!!! Marlene


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