Happy Labor Day

Bubba asked today if we celebrate Labor Day and I realized it was such a funny question.  Yes, we celebrate by not going to school or work.  We celebrate Labor Day by not doing any labor.  We don’t say “Happy Labor Day” to anyone.  What a weird holiday, eh?

But the myriad of thoughts about Labor caused me to realize that I never shared with you about last week’s big event – – Bubba turned 7!!! And while I never did go into labor with any of my children, it doesn’t change the fact that I carried this “little” guy for nine months and now he is this big! (Cute shirt, eh? Ordered it off Etsy and it turned out the gal lives down the street!!!)

Not freaking you out enough? Let’s try again. . .

I need to go get a tissue. . . I’ll be right back.

Okay, so we started the day with photos and cute t-shirts and even one present.  KB had picked out a present for Bubba and she just couldn’t wait to give it to him.  It was super fun watching her be super excited.

That’s right, folks, it’s a little Gonzo! Bubba laughs hysterically every time he sees Gonzo hit the gong at the beginning of the Muppet Show and KB basically shrieked with joy when she saw it in the store.  So sweet.

Birthday Boy with cupcake inset.

Bubba had asked for an Angry Birds birthday and so I did my best to deliver.  KB and I went to lunch to take cupcakes and Bubba’s teacher stood him up on a chair for the entire room to sing.  It was fun to be there and experience it with him.  (KB wore her sparkly high heels in honor of Bubba’s special day.)

Honey came home a touch early so that we wouldn’t be eating cake at bedtime.  Bubba had asked for only two things. . . the Knock on Wood Angry Birds set and a LeapPad2.  He even said he would put off the LeapPad2 until Christmas if he could have the Angry Birds set on his Angry Birds birthday.  Sweet Boy.  He was chomping at the bit all day to see if we came through in that little stack of gifts.

Thankfully the boy was not disappointed.  The parents pulled off the Angry Birds game and both sets of grandparents contributed to provide the LeapPad2.  What is fun is that he was so shocked to receive both gifts.  He actually said, “But I said I would wait to get my LeapPad2.” I responded, “Would you like me to take it back until December?” He laughed at me and buried his nose in the toy until I pulled him out for cake.


The cake was my feeble attempt . . . thank you, Pinterest for leading me to many other women who have successfully attempted to make an Angry Birds cake.  I did the best with what we had (chocolate chips, gummy letters cut up, and marshmallows) and my reward was, “You’re a great mom, Mom.”  Jesus, take me now.


We wrapped up the festivities in the living room with our own game of Angry Birds.  Half of the family would set up the blocks

and whoever’s turn it was would throw the little red bird.  Bubba kicked of the game.


Honey ended the game by knocking down EVERY block and impressing the children to no end.  It was a good day.  I think the little man felt special and loved.  I felt exhausted and thankful.

Thanks for reading.  I hope it wasn’t too laborious.  Get it? LABORious.  Ha!!!

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1 Response to Happy Labor Day

  1. Debbie says:

    What a great birthday!! Love the cake and cannot believe how grown up Bubba is getting! Glad it was a fun day!


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