The School Year 2012-2013

Yesterday marked the end of Little and Bubba’s first week of school this Fall.  It was KB’s third day (Pre-K on Mon./Wed./Fri.).  My mother asked if I was enjoying my free morning and I responded that I spent yesterday morning getting a mammogram.  I would feel “hard pressed” to say I enjoyed the morning . . . HA! GET IT??? hard PRESSED! Mammogram! Oh, I slay me.

Okay, back to kids and school. Here are the photos from first days of school.  Everyone is loving being back and all three love their teachers and classes.  (Bubba has recess THREE times – what’s not to love?)

My Third GraderMy First Grader

Check out his shirt. . .

My Pre-K. . . er(?)

Check out her shirt. . . notebook paper!

So, everyone went off to school looking cute on the outside and a bit nervous on the inside.  This was the first year people were old enough to talk about what was going on inside their hearts and still young enough to actually be willing to share.  Bubba and KB LOVE walking into school together.  Little has three new students in her classroom and she is THRILLED.    It is super to see one’s kids so happy.

I will tell you that I went to drop Bubba off last Wednesday and mentioned that I was planning to go in with him so I could take pictures.  His response, “Mom, you took pictures yesterday!” So I caved and said I would drop him at the gym BUT, “when you get to the door you’ll need to stop and turn so I can take a photo of your first day, Son.”  My little man’s response, “Okay, Mom.  But that’s the only one, okay?”  When did this happen??? OH MY WORD!!!!!

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1 Response to The School Year 2012-2013

  1. Debbie says:

    HOpe tomorrow today is more fun for YOU! All your kiddos look so cute! I noticed the cast was still on Bubba’s arm. Was he disappointed? Any idea when it will come off? Glad their year is off to a good start!


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