Oh Little, where ART thou?

One of the first things I signed the kids up for this summer was Mrs. Vogel’s art camp.  I KNEW Bubba would absolutely love it and I felt that if Little had some help it would really be fun for her too.  Well, Bubs went and broke his wrist so he was OUT for camp and Little was on her own (sorta).

I say sorta because she was greeted each day by our dear friend and sitter Addison.  Addison was sweet to make this week of camp part of her summer job plans and because of her help Little was able to stay focused and enjoy the projects to their fullest.

Thanks to Mrs. Vogel, the KDS art teacher, who taught a week full of fun!

I love that my Little was exposed to “crafting” and loved it! And I love that I never had to clean up the mess!!!!

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1 Response to Oh Little, where ART thou?

  1. mrs. barron says:

    Addy and Mrs. Vogel….What a beautiful combo!!! Did you realize that Addy was at Promise for her senior service last school year!!! Oh, and Mrs. Vogel….she is such a gifted teacher. A and G went to her camp……loved it…..and I didn’t have to clean anything! Loving being back together!


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