Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Night!


This is Stormy Point Village in Branson, MO. When we arrived and saw the multi-color houses I giggled with delight and said to Honey, ” Oh my goodness! It looks like Seaside!” Having never been to this beautiful part of Florida’s beaches, my husband smiled, nodded, and had no idea what I was talking about.



Moments later we arrived at the house and I hear Honey ask his brother and sister-in-law, “Have you ever seen The Truman Show? This place is just like the neighborhood where Truman lives!”


I rolled my eyes with a smile. . . The Truman Show was filmed AT SEASIDE.

But the real point here is that it could have been filmed here in Branson!

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1 Response to Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Night!

  1. 3littlemen says:

    That is hilarious!


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