Dear Mr. Nolan,

My husband and i went to see The Dark Knight Rises and really enjoyed our first Imax film experience. We saw the film on it’s release date and thoroughly enjoyed it, but watching a second time with our seats literally trembling from the sound. . . that was awesome. It makes me wish we had seen the entire trilogy that way!

The real reason for my letter is to thank you for such a beautifully written story and the tight ending you created. Throughout the trilogy you have given us characters we can love, villains we must hate, and themes worth chewing on. These pieces of work were a magnificent balance of fun, emotion, action, and storytelling; such a gift to us.

I was reading an article today about a television show entering it’s last season. The director was quoted as saying that they planned for eleven more episodes and potentially a twelfth that would be a montage homage, of sorts. The director said that people “need to say their good byes to the characters, their friends.”

I thought about that quote tonight as I watched this beautiful story end and found that you handled the goodbyes in a different way. Like JRR Tolkien at the end of “Return of the King” you quickly revisit each character we have grown to love and allow us our good byes in the glimpses of their life after the movie’s conflict. We walk out of the theatre knowing that these characters will face trials of life but we are at peace with their futures. You wrapped the ending up like a bow – tight and full.

In direct contrast to all I have written about you, I have prattled on too long! And so I say, “Thank You, sir” and close out this letter.

A Fan at The Blue Hutch

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2 Responses to

  1. Debbie says:

    Makes we want to watch the movies! Glad you liked it!

  2. Anna says:

    You should really send that to him!


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