Week Five

In March my friend, Regan, had me pull out my calendar and look to see what camps our kids could go to together.  I laugh that I am organized but I have to admit that I had never thought that far ahead for summer commitments before.  The last week of June ended up completely blank and I haphazardly said, “We should have Camp LuthinLighter that week!”  (Her last name and mine mushed together)  She wrote it on her calendar and I started to get excited.  In March.  Good grief.

It turned out that each day had a lesson to teach (that was Regan’s job), a craft to do and snack to eat (thanks, Pinterest!).  Most days there was also an outing to somewhere in the city.  Everyone, even eleven month old JH, got a t-shirt printed with the logo from above.  Due to unexpected visitors, a change of date on a house closing, and an extreme heat wave, the week looked differently than we planned BUT it was a good week.  A really good week. My kiddos had a blast!

Week’s Plan:

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2 Responses to Week Five

  1. Memom says:

    Where are the pictures of camp? And. . . does Pinterest have a section for creative events like this camp and the Dora birthday party you did for K.B.?

  2. mrs. barron says:

    WOW!!! I love the way you do life!!!!! I am taking ideas down as fast as I can!


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