Do You Remember May 21, 2012?

Yes, I realize it was over a month ago that my son graduated from Kindergarten and I am just now getting to post about it.  Hey, life at the Blue Hutch is a moving train and we are all holding on for dear life; give me a break!

On May 21, 2012 KB and I were two of the first to arrive at the elementary school and we found this at the entrance to the gym:I was instantly aware that this was not going to resemble Little’s graduation AT ALL!!! We sat on the floor in her classroom while the kids quoted a poem.  No, this was going to be      a real production.

There are three Kindy classes and they filled the risers before singing eight songs for us.

Our little man was in blue and did a fabulous job with words and motions and

playing a little Glockenspiel during one number.  Can you see him between that man’s head and other man’s shoulder? He did SUPER.

The final song of the afternoon was   “Love in Any Language” and I literally had flashbacks to college and Michelle McEwan Sanborn singing Sandi Patti on beach project. Bubba was just shocked I knew the words and I gained a few cool points. Sheesh.

After the festivities in the gym there was cake and fun in the classroom.  Bubba’s teacher has been gone for eight weeks after giving birth to her second little boy in March.  She came back to celebrate with the class and I overheard my little man say, “Mrs. Nienhaus, I have missed you.  It’s good to see you.”  SO SWEET.

The permanent substitute did a super job and really jumped to it when the change in teacher did a number on our anxiety ridden little man.  We are thankful for her commitment to our guy and the GREAT communication she provided during these weeks.  Cheers, Miss Cox!!

It was a wonderful year and Bubba made some really good friends.  This mamma could not be more thankful for MRE and the great time our kids have had there.   AND I couldn’t be more proud of our little man . . . a first grader!!

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